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Gamified Financial Education for Youngsters
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Our purpose

What is Lufindo?

Lufindo is a planet where the financial knowledge of the galaxy converges, and where financial education comes to life.

From here, Fredoka embarked on an intergalactic journey to ignite the flame of financial education in young minds. During this challenging adventure, Fredoka encounters more Lufinders who who will be of great help in overcoming the most formidable missions.

And we are delighted to know that if you have arrived here to read this, it's because we found you.

Welcome to the Lufinder community!

Our Mision

In Lufindo, we believe that early financial education transforms the lives of young people, families, and communities. How do we do it? Through gamification and constructivism, we eliminate the fear of finance, encourage the exchange of knowledge, and, most importantly, inspire action.

That's why we design games and ludic experiences based on real-life situations, accessible from any corner of the galaxy with an internet connection.

Join us in this mission of financial empowerment. Your presence is crucial for a brighter financial future for all.

Lufinder Community

You can become a Lufinder and collaborate in our mission in any of these roles:

Stellar Instructors: They are our guides in the galaxy of financial education. This group of Lufinders is composed of dedicated teachers and mentors who want to lead and facilitate financial education sessions for young people. With all our materials and instructional guides developed, they become the captains of the ship guiding young minds toward a brighter financial future.

Galactic Partners: They work hand in hand with Fredoka to bring financial education to every corner of the galaxy. These are organizations that believe in the impact that financial education can have on young people and join us as stellar sponsors, helping to take Fredoka on new interplanetary missions.

Financial Explorers: They are at the heart of our community, leading the financial revolution in Lufindo. Seven out of every ten young people who learn in Lufindo share their financial knowledge with their families and friends, joining our mission. Financial Explorers are the true agents of change, carrying the torch of financial education with them.

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Multiplier Effect


7 out of 10 youngsters who learn in Lufindo share their knowledge with other people, which allows the social impact of financial education to be broadened.

Learning while Playing​


When we asked our users how fun the games were, they gave us  fun rate of 90%.

Practical Use


95% of our users stated that Lufindo provided them with knowledge and ideas to apply in the present or in the near future.

Sustainable Development Goals


Lufindo was awarded by Innovation LATAM for its active contribution to the sustainable development goals of Quality Education (4), Economic Growth (8) and Reduction of Inequalities (10), proposed by the United Nations.

In this way, organizations that work with or invest in lufindo make a positive impact in society as well.

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Tomás, 16 years old

"I liked that they explained the topics to us and then we could expand our knowledge with the games" 
#financialeducation #ifinancialinclusion #edfintech #lufinders #lufichallenges 

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